Why So Many People Still Haven’t Heard of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a modern technology, but it is not considered new anymore. It started in the mid 1800’s, during the Gold Rush in California, when miners created a system called Hydraulic Mining, which used to break up soil using steam pump-pressurized water. This technology was much faster than manual digging, so it continued to be improved even after the Gold Rush phased out.

In 1969, the first Hydro Excavation machine was built, which was named the ExcaVactor. During the next decade, vacuum trucks and sewer cleaners were adapted for hydro excavation use.

This technology was even adapted for all-terrain types of vehicles, by people who needed it in remote locations.

In the 90s, more and more companies started to manufacture hydrovac trucks in different configurations, because the market demand was growing.

Nowadays, this technology represents the easiest and fastest way to perform any excavation type. It continues to grow and it is expected to become mainstream, replacing almost entirely the conventional digging methods.

Considering all these aspects, the reason why so many people still have not heard of hydro excavation are not related to the novelty of this technology, but rather to the fact that only a small number of people are actually involved in excavation projects. Find some of the best in the Hyrdro Excavation industry at https://www.hydrodig.com/.