When it comes to performing safe and quick hydro-excavation, HydrodigTM is setting the standards within the industry.

We have the proven experience and resources to provide you with solutions for your unique needs. HydrodigTM provides services to the transportation, construction, utility, petroleum, government, and civil industries.

Since 1998, HydrodigTM has become known and regarded as a solution provider. Within the broad geographic service territory; East to West, North to South, HydrodigTM has the ability to relay our hydrovac experience within minutes to your jobsite and have a solution to your challenging situation.

The list of service offerings, and the activities we can perform on your jobsite, are numerous. It is Our People, Our Service, Our Commitment which has allowed us to serve for 20 years and counting…

24/7, 365 days a year…Don’t Just Dig…HYDRODIGTM

Why A Smaller Truck?

Hydrovac users have come to the realization that the majority of hydrovac exposures do not require a bigger truck. It begs the question then, “Why get a bigger hydrovac truck when all you need is a HydrodigTM truck.”

HydrodigTM trucks are designed and assembled by HydrodigTM. The unique design of the small, multipurpose, four wheel drive hydrovac truck is geared towards producing superior results on the client job site.

Quality Equipment

HydrodigTM units are four-wheel drive and require only 10 foot – 8 inches for height clearance, they can better maneuver around congested plant sites, back alleys, roadway ditches, and through difficult terrain, while significantly minimizing road and property ground disturbance; a definite competitive advantage over the larger hydrovac units. HydrodigTM gives you small truck maneuverability with big truck performance at a great value.

Operational Excellence

HydrodigTM continually strives to improve operating efficiencies within the whole organization. With constant internal communication amongst team members regarding available new technologies, modifications to field techniques or procedures, and through the valuable input from the field personnel, HydrodigTM is proud to be known as a solution provider.

Our People

Providing exceptional service is not just limited to having quality equipment. The outstanding level of service is a testament to the skill and experience of our owner-operators, management team, and employees. HydrodigTM has people who take pride in what they do.

Working together in synergy, HydrodigTM is able to successfully provide customers with the hydrovac solutions they need.