Why Is Daylighting Necessary and How Can It Be Done Safely?

Daylighting is a word that may have different meanings, but when it is related to an excavation project, it refers to the process of exposing underground utilities or pipes to daylight, in order to perform repairs, measurements and other operations. Up until recently,...

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Potholing For Utilities – How Safe Is This Operation?

Potholing is a method used in the utility industry and it involves digging small holes in the ground, in order to reach underground utilities and mark their location. This is very necessary to make sure that the existing underground infrastructure will not interfere...

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The Technology Behind a Hydrovac Truck

Hydrovac trucks are more and more present on excavation sites, but they have many other applications too and are becoming more and more popular. You may have seen them on job sites: large industrial trucks, with suction hoses and holding tanks. They look bulky, but...

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