Why Is Hydro Excavation Really Better Than Air Excavation?

Hydrovac Is One Of The Best Services For Constrution

Hydro excavation and air excavation are two methods of digging that are here to replace conventional excavator. While the first uses water under high pressure to break through even the most solid of rocks and the most stubborn of soils, air excavation uses air for the same purpose, raising the pressure to about 170 psi and loosening the soil over time, before removing it entirely.


The key benefit of air excavation is that it does away with the need for water. Since air is abundant in the environment, all it has to do is use a constant stream of it, which is powered at high pressure by a compressor.  The experience of vacuum excavation services in Colorado are growing, and becoming the way excavation is handled.


However, despite this fact, there are a few important points that have to be made. Air excavation is not that much cheaper, and it’s also less effective in the short run, when compared to hydro excavation services like Hydrovac.


Hydro excavation uses more power, but it can handle just about any type of soil, including frozen ground that normal excavators would have extreme difficulty with. Moreover, with hydro excavation services, you can complete all the work in record time, and the excavated dirt and soil will be far easier to manage than with air excavation.