Why Is Hydro-Excavation A More Cost Effective Alternative Than Excavating With Heavy Machinery

utility digging large sewer pipes

Hydro excavation is a modern digging technology, which uses high-pressure water and vacuum to remove soil. It works even in very cold weather, where traditional excavators can do nothing to the frozen ground, as a hydrovac truck can also use hot pressurized water to break the soil.

This type of non-mechanical utility digging Denver area is also non-invasive, which means that there is no risk of damaging underground utilities.

A hydrovac truck can do a very precise work compared to a traditional excavator, and the digging process is much faster, because the debris is stored in a special tank on the truck instead of being transported into dump sites. Although it looks like a heavy and complicated machinery, a hydrovac truck is actually easy to operate, being less labor intense than the operation of a traditional excavator. One or two trained workers are enough to accomplish a full digging project, in no time, with reduced or no service interruptions as well as reduced insurance rates.

Considering all these benefits, hydro-excavation is a cost effective solution due to the amount of labor and time saved. Various cost analysis show that this method proved to be about 4 times cheaper than traditional excavation.