When Might A Company Use A Hydroexcavator

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Hydroexcavation is the most efficient technology used for moving soil and for digging, a technology that is becoming increasingly popular, with multiple industries adopting it. Here are some uses that companies can benefit from:

  • Plumbing – sewers and water pipes are the utilities that are most often installed under the surface of the soil, utilities that require extensive digging before the utilities are installed and surface restoration afterward. Hydrovac excavation is especially useful for these projects as the technology can move soil without damaging existing underground pipes and it is very efficient, too;
  • The installation of posts, signs and poles – the installation of road signs, traffic lights, light posts and other, similar structures requires the precise excavation that hydrovac machines do best;
  • Digging for foundations – no building can be constructed without building a proper foundation first. The process usually involves moving large quantities of earth, the removal of the generated debris and the restoration of the area – phases that hydrovac machines can take care of better than any other excavation technology;
  • Landscaping – another activity that requires lots of digging, often in areas where the roots of existing trees need to be paid attention to. Hydrovac vacuum excavation services machines can do this type of jobs with maximum efficiency and the process is also very gentle whatever is in the ground, whether it is roots or hidden utilities.