When Is Vacuum Excavation the Most Practical Solution
Practical Solution Excavation Hydrovac Calgary

When delicate digging is more important than large scale excavation hydrovac Calgary has available is the way to go. A hydrovac truck can ensure that you and your workers will be able to complete your excavation work quickly and without damaging any underground roots or utilities. Here are a few of the main points that you should remember:

  • You might have some delicate excavation work that needs to be done, and you don’t want to bring in the big guns. Large excavation equipment can easily damage underground structures, utilities and tree roots. As a result, a more precise and gentle approach is needed. That’s where hydro excavation comes in.
  • Discovering underground structures is also much easier with the help of hydro excavation. Experts can dig up small pockets of soil and look through the holes to see if there are any utilities present. Should you try that with shovels or an excavator, you might risk damaging those utility lines, and in some cases your workers could also get injured as a result.
  • Hydrovac is great for almost all types of excavation jobs. From installing large signs, digging out damaged pipes and excavating the location of a new swimming pool, to foundation work and getting through to underground pumps and complex wastewater utilities, your hired hydro excavation team can get everything done in no time.