When Did Hydrovac Services First Appear?
When hydrovac daylighting services started

Hydro excavation is a technology that has been gaining popularity only recently, but the basics of the method have been around ever since the 19th century. The technique was initially developed by miners in California who needed some extra power and who started using a steam pump to make excavation more efficient where they were digging for gold and other minerals. The technology that was initially called hydraulic mining was continuously refined until the 1960’s, when the first hydro excavation truck was assembled and the technology became pretty much what we know it to be today.

The development continued in the 1970s and the 1980s as well. Hydrovac applications started using sewer cleaners that have been adopted for excavation purposes. The vehicles used for hydro vac purposes were becoming increasingly strong and in the 1990’s, hydro back machine manufacturers started using special trucks that were extremely high capacity and that could deliver very strong water pressure and very strong vacuum for large excavation jobs. This is also the decade when the trucks that were able to heat the water appeared to, extending the scope of hydro excavation to the construction sites that needed digging into frozen soil. The nozzles used for the digging also became more varied over time, making hydro vac suitable for digging thin trenches as well. So if you need quick and safe daylighting services Denver area be sure to look for a hydrovac company with experience.