What Makes Vacuum Excavation a Safer Method for Workers?

Vacuum excavation is generally considered to be the safest excavation method available today – here is how it promotes the safety of both the digging site and of the workers on the site:

  • Prevention of utility strikes – accidentally digging into utility lines is a very frequent and common cause of serious accidents. Even the excavation sites that seem properly mapped can have old utilities that are no longer charted – when conventional excavators hit such lines, the impact can cause explosions and put the life of everyone around at risk. Hydrovac services Colorado offers is a non-invasive technology that is completely safe to use even around abandoned utilities, therefore it is the best solution for any site;
  • Digging in areas that cannot be safely accessed – hydrovac trucks are able to perform the excavation needed remotely, standing yards away from the excavation site. These special trucks use long arms and hoses that can be extended to perform digging in areas where it would be unsafe for workers to enter;
  • Digging on frozen earth – extremely low temperatures create difficult work circumstances. Hydrovac machines use heaters to warm the water used during the excavation process, thus reducing difficulties as well as the time needed to complete excavation jobs.