What Equipment Is Needed for Hydro Excavation?

What Excavation Services Equipment Is Needed

Hydro excavation is the process of moving or removing soil with the help of water pulverized at high pressure onto the ground and the extraction of the resulting debris with the help of vacuum, depositing the debris into large containers, then dumping the slurry in designated yards or other facilities. Hydrovac machines are usually large and complex – here are some of the most important components of the vacuum excavation services equipment needed for hydro excavation:

  • A special truck – most hydrovac machines are truck-mounted units, the special truck being equipment with special systems for operating the unit that delivers the pressurized water as well as the unit that delivers the vacuum;
  • The vacuum source – vacuum is generated by either a fan system or a positive displacement blower;
  • The unit for pulverizing the water;
  • The ducts for delivering the pressurized water and the ducts that extract the slurry and transport it to the container where it is deposited;
  • A large tank that serves the purpose of collecting the debris generated during the excavation process;
  • A heating system – this unit is optional and it is used for thawing the soil when the excavation needs to be performed in very low temperature conditions and when the ground is frozen.