What Do Hydro Excavation Workers Do?

The What About Hydrovac And Potholing Companies

Hydro excavation is nowadays an increasingly popular digging method due to the provided accuracy and safety. It is based on a technology that uses pressurized water and vacuum to dig holes or trenches and remove the resulting soil. This technology is attached to special trucks, which are operated by workers who are specifically trained for this.

Driving a truck may not seem such a big deal, but a hydro excavator is much more than a truck, considering all the things it does, so the operators must be well-trained, experienced and know what they are doing, because not everyone who can handle such a truck can also accomplish a precise excavation task.

Hydro excavators operate trucks to and from jobsites; they configure the water flow according to each task they perform; they operate heavy equipment and are required to have a driver`s license as well as a clean driving record. There are also some minimum qualifications they must have: highschool diploma and experience with repairing and maintaining hydrovacv equipment.

Other essential functions of their job include: using adequate working procedure, following job specifications and potholing companies policies, maintaining the hydro excavation system to ensure that all components are in good condition.