What Are the Major Benefits of Hydrovac Versus Traditional Land Digging?

Advantages vacuum excavation better than land digging services

Many consider Hydrovac and other hydro-excavation techniques to be far superior when compared to traditional land excavation. Land excavators are big and bulky, and they use up a lot of power to do the same work slower and with heavier machinery. Also, and what is probably the biggest drawback of a regular excavator, these machines are very clumsy and can destroy a lot of what is present underground right below the digging site.


In contrast, vacuum excavation services Denver area can deal with a lot of different types of soils quite effectively, from clay soils of various consistency to tightly packed rocky soils that would be extremely hard to budge with a traditional excavator.


Hydrovac is also extremely gentle when it comes to its effects on underground power lines and water pipes, as well as the roots of trees and plants, which could easily be damaged beyond help by a traditional excavator. With a Hydrovac unit, you can make sure that even if you weren’t notified of all the utility lines that run below your property after calling 811, the method of digging itself is designed in such a way that it will usually prevent most of the damage that could otherwise be caused if one of those hidden utility lines will be hit.