What Are The Main Components In A Hydrovac Truck?

hydrovac truck operator

A hydrovac truck is the machine used in hydro excavation, designed to break up soil using high pressured water and suck up the sludge in a special tank. It has become a preferred choice in most industries because the process is very efficient and completely safe.

Traditional digging involves many risks, especially related to damage to the underground utilities and the environment, but with a hydrovac, these risks are eliminated.

A hydrovac truck has two major components – a high pressure water hose and a suction hose. Additionally, there is a high volume storage tank. The entire system is easy to operate and can excavate up to 60 feet deep. Besides, such a special truck can dig areas up to 600 feet far from its positioning.

This advanced industrial vehicle is efficient on any type of soil, including clay or frozen; the job gets done much faster than with traditional excavation means, which makes the work cost-effective. However, you should be aware of the fact that the performance of a hydrovac truck relies on some factors:

  • The power of the vacuum pump
  • The quality of the tank and air seals
  • The leak-free quality of the primary and secondary valves
  • The overall resistance of the tank and its components to corrosion and wear& tear

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