Types of Surfaces Hydrovac Trucks Can Be Used On

hard ground dry excavation hydrovac truck easy job


Hydro excavation is the process of using specialized trucks, equipped with modules to deliver pressurized water and vacuum, to dig deep and narrow trenches or large holes on almost any terrain. The technology is non-invasive, therefore it can be used safely on almost any terrain – here are the types of environments that hydrovac trucks can be used on:

  • Areas that might have utility lines buried underground – many plots of land have uncharted, old utility lines that are not marked on modern maps and pose dangers during conventional digging processes. Hydrovac being a non-invasive method, it is suitable for excavation in such areas safely. In fact, one of the most important areas of utilization of a hydrovac truck Denver area is for daylighting, that is, for the revealing of underground utilities;
  • Hard to access areas – hydrovac trucks are equipped with long hoses that allow them to dig in areas that would be otherwise impossible to access;
  • Frozen soil – hydrovac technology allows for digging into very cold and frozen soil that would be impossible to excavate manually or with conventional machines. The special trucks used for digging on frozen land are equipped with heaters that bring the water to the right temperature to saw the soil.