The Requirements of a Career in Hydrovac – What You’ll Need to Become a Hydrovac Operator

Excavation Employment Requirements For Application

A Hydrovac operator might seem like they don’t have to do much. However, aside from the importance of having a firm grasp and understanding of the technology itself, Hydrovac operators also require extensive training and a significant level of experience in order to perform most of their tasks.


The most important functions of a Hydrovac operator is to set up and dismantle the tool, fill the water tank, inspect the job site and operate the high pressure wand for excavation purposes. Also, they need to have a firm understanding of the company’s policies and know which documents are required at the job site.


The job qualifications for most jobs given out to Hydrovac operators almost always require at least 1-2 years of vacuum excavation services in Colorado experience. This means getting into the industry will be a tough act to follow from the start, and you’ll definitely have to prove yourself. Good hand-eye coordination, a safety-oriented attitude, attention to detail, physical strength and stamina, and a team-oriented personality are some of the strong points you will be expected to have when you apply as an operator.


Finally, it’s also important that operators show up at their job interviews carrying proof that they have an A or B CDL driver’s license, and that they have past at least one pre-employment drug screening test.