The Practical Benefits of Using Hydro Excavation – How Hydrovac Can Aid the Transportation Industry


While excavation tools and techniques such as Hydrovac can do wonders when it comes to their ability to perform safe, minimally invasive excavation work to conveniently locate and remove underground pipes and utility lines, not much is usually said about how Hydrovac benefits other industries, both directly and indirectly. One such example is the transportation industry, which has gained considerable benefits since construction companies began using hydrovac services in Canada to get through certain tasks.


Imagine the following scenario: an underground pipe was broken right under a commonly frequented street or road. Experts had to break up the road and dig under it to find the troublesome pipe, but the job took a lot longer than an entire day, during which the buses and trucks that normally took the route in question had to take a detour.


Fast forward to the modern age, when we can call in the pros and use hydro excavation to neatly discover and remove any damaged pipelines in record time. The street is back where it should be within a day, and no one has to reroute their transport vehicles for long.


Transport companies also have it easier, since expensive and heavy digging equipment will no longer be required. Transporting excavation equipment can be done with a single truck, and most hydro excavation companies will have already attached their equipment to their own transport vehicles.