The Most Common Types of Underground Infrastructures

Daylighting Services Exposes Underground Infrastructure

Wherever you start digging these days, you will find lots infrastructure buried underground, new and ancient alike. The current trend is to move all cables and utilities underground to eliminate air cables and lines and the deeper layers of the soil are also home to old utilities – here are some of the most common types:

  • Telecommunication cables – telecommunication companies have been using underground infrastructures for a long time and they continue to install fiber optic cables under the surface;
  • Sewers – old and new sewage pipes are also frequently found underground;
  • Old train tracks – as automobiles became widespread, many train lines became useless and were abandoned. Many of them gradually became covered in soil, being revealed only during construction projects;
  • Gas pipes – the type of utility that is the most commonly found underground;
  • Electric cables – electrical companies also prefer to use subterranean infrastructure;
  • Metal and concrete pipes that serve various purposes.

Modern and recently installed underground infrastructure is marked on maps, but old lines and cables are hidden and unmarked, therefore any construction project must start with daylighting services to reveal hidden lines, to ensure the safety of the worksite as well as the efficiency of the project.