The Job Of A Hydro Excavator

Hydropower Services

Hydro excavation is a popular digging method due to the high level of safety it provides in the process of exposing underground utilities, you can also request air knife excavation in Denver. It uses pressured water and vacuum to dig precise holes and trenches, without causing any damage.

In other words, it is not just about digging holes, but about digging safely, by using a very expensive machine. Obviously, this task requires somebody trained specifically to work with this technology.

Not everyone who claims to be able to do hydro excavation can actually do it. Not everyone with a vacuum truck and pressure washer can do a precise excavation task.

Hydro excavation operators can put the truck on the job it was designed for and keep the work area safe, clean and dry.  They must have qualities and abilities to work in a team, as the truck operation requires at least two people. They are experienced and trained to get the most out of it. Hydro excavators must know everything about configuring water flow for different types of tasks, as well as about water conservation.

If you want to hire as a hydro excavation operator, most employers will require you to have training in heavy equipment operation, a driver`s license and a clean driving record.