The Construction and Function of a Hydrovac Truck

Hydrovac trucks are special, high-capacity trucks used for performing excavation work. These machines are currently the most advanced, safest and most efficient pieces of equipment used for excavation today. Here is how they work and what they do:

  • What is, in fact, a hydrovac truck? – these special machines are practically trucks equipped with a unit to generate pulverized water, another unit to generate vacuum and two hoses, one for the water and one for the vacuum. When turned on, a hydrovac truck Denver companies provide generates pulverized water and deliver it through the hose. The water breaks down the soil in the digging area and turns it into slurry that is extracted through the other hose with the help of vacuum. The slurry is taken to a special tank. Some trucks can deliver hot water to dig on frozen soil;
  • What is hydro excavation good for – the method is suitable for digging on any terrain, including hard soil or in areas where there might be hidden utility line. The technique is non-invasive, therefore safe for the digging site, for the underground utility lines as well as for the natural environment and it can be equally used for digging large holes and thin and deep trenches or potholes.