The Best Strategy for Fixing a Broken Water Main as Quickly as Possible
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We rely on the water supply that we get through public lines for our daily comfort – we need water for cooking, washing the dishes, taking showers, washing our hands and flushing our toilets. This heavy reliance on water also means that having damaged mains in your area and having to endure even a couple of hours without water supply is more than a nuisance. Fortunately, modern technology can efficiently handle the problem – here is how:

  • The water supply is disconnected right away when a problem is announced – right after the announcement is made, a repair crew will go to the main line that is suspected of having burst and will disconnect the water supply.
  • The exact location of the problem is identified – in many cases, burst pipes manifest in the form of water showing above the ground level, cases in which the localization of the issue is quite easy. In the cases when water does not appear on the surface, the repair crew will use some sort of utility location method, such as a ground penetrating radar or other high tech devices. If they are not successful, they will perform digging in the area where they suspect the damage to be located. In the past, such digging was performed manually, but nowadays, hydro vac digging using water excavation Denver is more common due to the increased efficiency and safety of the process.
  • The repair is performed – after the damaged section is located, the repair crew will proceed with the repairs.