The Basics of How a Hydrovac Truck Actually Works
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If you are currently in the process of finding an excavation solution that will give you the efficiency you need, and that is also safe for the construction site and for the environment, hydro excavation is what you need. This method is currently considered the most advanced way to dig. The technology is suitable for excavating large holes as well as deep and narrow trenches. Here is how hydrovac services Colorado offers works:

  • Special trucks – the vehicles used for hydro excavation are special vehicles that feature equipment that generates pressurized water as well as equipment that generates vacuum. These trucks are also fitted with special hoses- one through which the water is delivered onto the soil under high pressure, and another through which the vacuum is delivered to extract the slurry resulting from adding water to soil.
  • Special tanks – hydro excavation trucks also feature a large water tank for the process of breaking down the soil. The process also requires another tank into which the slurry is deposited.
  • Nozzles to make trucks suitable for executing a variety of tasks – the nozzles installed on the end of the water hose ensures that the hole excavated by the hydrovac truck is of the right size.