Speed Comparison – Hydrovac Services vs. Traditional Excavation
Old Way vs New Way Hydrodig Construction Excavation Services

As one of the most important innovation in the industry, the hydrovac truck is a fast and efficient tool for excavating even the most stubborn and difficult pieces of terrain. For anyone who wants a quick and painless excavation job, hydrovac services are considered to be among the most efficient and safe ways to get the work done.

Compared to traditional excavation services, hydrovac is much faster for a number of reasons:

  • First of all, stubborn and hardened soil has no chance to resist in the face of a powerful hydrovac truck. Even frozen soil can be dislodged quite easily, while traditional excavation methods will leave it intact.
  • Less care has to be taken when digging through parts of the terrain under which pipes and utility lines go. You can use hydro excavation to blast through the soil safely, while leaving the utility lines and pipes undamaged.
  • Hydrovac trucks are also more versatile at dealing with areas where tree roots and vegetation makes it harder for traditional excavation machines to get the job done without damaging the root system.

Overall, you can cut down the time required by an excavator in half, if you simply use the services from https://www.hydrodig.com/. Moreover, the water under pressure will blast away all the dirt and debris without causing damage or leaving sludge at the excavation site.