Should Vacuum Excavation Be Used for Potholing?
Denver Experts Potholing Companies Uses

Accurately locating underground utility lines can be a very important task without which most experts can’t do their work. Construction teams and contractors rely on potholing to discover the location of underground utility lines and pipes that are not documented and can pose a real hazard if hit by excavating equipment.

The way potholing works is that holes of specific depth and size are made to allow operators to have a clear view of what can be found below the surface. Depending on the hardness and composition of the soil, potholing can be a difficult process, especially with more conventional excavation methods that sometimes won’t even work for this type of activity. This is why potholing companies Denver experts use either hydro or vacuum excavation practices to reveal as much information about underground utilities as possible – including their depth, horizontal positioning, type of line and the presence of any damage.

When potholing is done properly, the position and condition of every undocumented utility line that runs underneath your property can be determined. Vacuum excavation is considered to be the best option for this task, since it can get through hardened soil and clay, leave the utility line intact and undamaged, offer better detection than hydro excavation and prevent life-threatening situations, equipment damage and liability issues.