Questions You Should Always Ask Your Hydrovac Helpers
Ask The Right Questions Hydrovac Calgary How Deep Excavation Goes

Hydro excavation technology is a modern and much better alternative to conventional digging methods, being more and more popular for excavating projects related to different industries. However, a hydrovac truck is a complex machinery that must be handled by a qualified and experienced operator.

Therefore, if you plan an excavating project using a hydrovac truck, you will have to find a reliable professional service provider. This can be quite challenging, especially when you are on a deadline. There are questions you should ask a hydrovac company, because the answers you get can help you make the right choice.

1. What excavation services are you qualified to perform?

A hydrovac Calgary truck is equipped to excavate up to 60 feet deep, but also to perform other types of digging projects, such as daylighting and trenching. However, it all depends on the qualification and experience of the operator.

2. Do you have a Certificate of Recognition, or a Small Employer COR?

Hydrovac companies that have invested in a health and safety program that meets or even exceeds provincial standards will be interested in getting these certifications.

3. What protocols do you have in place?

A responsible hydrovac contractor should have protocols to assess hazards, report incidents and ensure proper PPE and working equipment.