Protecting Your Construction Site From Severe Weather

Construction Hydrovac Eqipment Safety

Most construction works stop when the temperatures are too low, and workers are given free rein. That is because there are too many and important things that cannot be achieved in cold weather. Concrete will not dry properly unless it is made with hot water or using aggregate heating.  The risk of accidents is also high because it is difficult to respect protection measures in cold weather, when everything becomes slippery or the visibility is poor.

But problems do not occur only in the cold season. A construction site must be protected from all kind of severe weather, therefore construction companies and companies that offer Dallas hydrovac services must have a plan, because being prepared and protecting the work will have a huge impact on the activity, once the bad weather phenomenon passes.

This plan must include an evaluation of site specific risks and cover all kind of severe weather that occurs locally (heavy rain, strong wind/ tornados, lightning etc.). The emergency response must include securing the jobsite as efficient as possible, securing construction materials, hazardous chemicals and equipment. Jobsite evacuation and identification of refuges for workers is another essential aspect, as well as conducting post storm evaluations to ensure that work can be resumed safely.