Preparing Your Project for Hydroexcavation

Preparing Project For Hydroexcavation

Hydroexcavation is the most efficient and most modern excavation method available today, but the process uses large and powerful machines and requires the preparation of the terrain for the job. Here is what you need to do before the hydrovac team starts work on your property:

  • Discuss project details with your hydrovac company – the company’s experts will be able to tell you everything about the process as well as about the permits necessary for the job. They will also tell you to prepare the ground for the excavation;
  • Collect all the available maps, blueprints and plans to identify underground utilities, then mark them with visible signs on the surface of the ground. If you suspect there might be uncharted pipelines or cables in the ground, inform the hydrovac company;
  • Clean the area of weeds and make sure that the hydrovac machine can safely access the ground where the excavation will take place. Remove any other obstacles from the area, paying special attention to vehicles and machines;
  • Stop all utilities on the property – the hydrovac machine does not need electricity or water from the grid, but accidentally damaging cables or pipes can cause dangerous situations and accidents.