Options for Dumping Soils from Hydro Excavation

texture clay slurry dayligting processHydro excavation is surely a great, efficient excavation method that uses pressurized water to move the soil and vacuum to extract the resulting slurry. The technology is currently considered to be the most modern digging technology, suitable for excavating large holes as well as narrow trenches, but managing the slurry is still a challenge. Here are the most common options for handling that waste:

  • Disposal at legal dumpsites – this is perhaps the most difficult and most expensive way to handle and to get rid of hydrovac by-products. The extracted slurry usually has to be transported over large distances to find a suitable dumpsite and the solution is not sustainable from an environmental point of view;
  • Mobile waste processing units – these units can be installed close to the excavation site, minimizing the transport costs as well as the environmental impact related to the process. These waste processing systems will separate the solid matter from the water in the slurry and will also purify the resulting water;
  • Handing over the slurry to specialized companies – the daylighting Denver company can also choose to hand over the by-product to a company specialized in treating slurry. The process will be essentially the same as in the case of using mobile units, but the processing facilities used by these specialized companies are not mobile and are very large.