Is Vacuum Excavation the Best Approach for Digging Up Your Property?
Best Option Excavation Vacuum Services

If you need any digging on your property, whether it is to remove a layer of soil to spread new, fertile soil or for the foundation of a new structure, there are several options at your disposal – you can use your shovel and dig out the hole manually, you can hire a conventional excavator or, if you want it all done quickly and in a hassle-free manner, you can hire a hydrovac truck for the job. Here is why vacuum excavation services Denver offers are your best option:

  • Quick excavation – hydrovac machines are very strong, their capacity ensuring that the excavation you need will be performed very quickly;
  • No mess – the hydrovac process uses pulverized water to dig out the hole and vacuum to extract the slurry generated during the digging. When the process is complete, you will only have the clean hole, no mess, dirt, mud and slurry to deal with;
  • Safe for your property and for the natural environment, too – hydrovac is safe to use even in areas where there might be unmapped utilities buried underground. With other, invasive methods, such lines would pose the risk of explosion, but hydrovac is gentle and efficient at the same time, able to dig without damaging utility lines.