Is the Water Used During Hydrodig Excavation Recycled?

recycle sustainable water excavation

Hydrodig technology uses pressurized water to disintegrate soil and to create the desired hole or trench, then the slurry composed of the soil and water mixture is extracted with the help of vacuum and transported through a hose to be deposited in the hydrovac machine’s special truck. Hydrovac waste is a heavy material composed of 60% water and 40% solid matter, a material that used to be very expensive to transport and difficult to handle and that usually ended up in landfills.  With the water excavation Denver process using Hydrovac trucks eliminates waste.

With increased attention being paid to the environmental impact of any construction process, the demand for a greener and more affordable hydrovac waste disposal method has led to the development of much more efficient waste management solutions. Today, hydrovac companies no longer need to transport the slurry to a dump site – they only need to get to bespoke reception centers where they can hand over the waste. The companies that operate these centers will use advanced technologies to separate the water from the solid material. The water is further filtered and cleaned to be then reused on construction sites, while the solid matter, usually composed of sand, stone and aggregate is also reused on construction sites as backfill or for other, low-grade applications.