Is Hydrovac Good for Foundation Work?

hydro excavation services save time and labor




In a word, hydrovac services are great for foundation work. That’s because using hydrovac technology has a lot of advantages as opposed to classic excavation techniques. For one, it requires far less people to do it. With traditional excavation, a lot of people are involved in order to get the job done. Hydrovac doesn’t need that many people. And, because there is far less manpower involved, the costs are significantly lowered. This is great news, especially for those that need extensive work on their foundations.

Another reason why hydro excavation Calgary offers are great for foundation work is because they are faster than traditional techniques. What a construction crew can do in a day, a hydrovac team can do in mere hours. Also, it involves less mess which means a lot less to clean up after the job is done. Hydrovac technology also requires far less space to be used than traditional digging methods. With traditional options, you would have to clear out a large portion of the surrounding area of the foundation so that the men and equipment can get in. But when using hydrovac, all you need to do is make sure that the truck used has somewhere to park safely without inconveniencing the traffic.