Is Hydro Excavation Really an Eco-Friendly Practice?
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Hydro excavation has many important advantages over conventional digging methods. It is harmless to underground pipes or utility lines, highly accurate and very fast. A hydro excavation service also known as a can take care of any digging project, from trenching and daylighting services Denver has to cut and fill excavation and more.

But there is one particular advantage that not many people know about: hydro excavation is also an eco-friendly practice, and here are the arguments!

1. Hydro excavation does not use toxic substances.

This technology uses only pressurized water and air vacuum, so there is no risk of pollution or chemical hazards.

2. Hydrovac trucks are also equipped to store debris safely.

The debris is sucked up into a special tank, so the work site remains clean.

3. Hydro excavation eliminates fire risks caused by burning wood  or coal to thaw the frozen soil. Hydrovac trucks are equipped with water heaters, which ensure that digging through frozen soil works like a charm and with no opportunity to cause a fire.

4. Hydro excavation won’t contaminate the underground water resources or the soil.

With old-fashioned digging equipment, the risk of damaging underground utilities is considerably higher, and when a pipeline is damaged, soil and underground water resources can get contaminated. Hydro excavation is completely safe and ensures good environmental practices.