How Potholing Helps with Excavation Related Damage
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Hidden, buried utility lines that are accidentally excavated into cause millions of dollars of damage each year on building sites and the accidents related are also a major cause of physical injuries that can be very serious, even fatal. To reduce such risks to the minimum, construction companies starting any digging process are required not only to announce to the authorities about their intention to dig and to have all the utilities disconnected to the job site. They must also perform a process called potholing, an activity intended to reveal buried utilities with some sort of gentle and non-invasive method, such as hydro excavation. The potholing process done by potholing companies Denver offers very often involves the usage of other utility locator technologies as well.

The purpose of potholing being to identify underground utilities, the method used for creating the visitation holes needs to be a gentle one. The technology that is the most suitable for such delicate jobs is hydro excavation – the process of using pulverized water to breakdown the soil and they come to extract the resulting matter. As the hydro vac process does not involve any mechanical digging, it is perfectly suited for locating sensitive pipes, such as old gas pipes that might still have gas inside.