How Long Has Hydrodigging Been Used?

hydrodig excavation pipes trench hydrovacHydroexcavation might be a technology that has taken off recently, but its history goes back to the 19th century, more precisely to the mid 1800’s, when the first steam pump was used to move soil for mining purposes in California. The technology continued to be used for mining, being continuously improved and refined. The technology soon spread to other industries as well and in 1969, the first dedicated hydrovac machine was built.

In the 1970’s and 80’s, the machines used for hydroexcavation were a combination of sewer cleaners and vacuum trucks. All-terrain vehicles were also adapted to make excavation possible in places that were difficult to reach or impossible to get to for large trucks. The 1990’s was a decade of rapid development for the technology, with more and more manufacturers experimenting with trailer-mounted units and various truck configurations like Hydrodig.

Today, hydrovac is the most efficient, most modern and increasingly widespread digging technology that enjoys great popularity due to its efficiency and its ability to excavate in a non-invasive, safe way even in areas where there might be hidden, potentially dangerous utility lines. Hydrovac today is used for digging out large holes, for moving the topmost layer of soil over larger areas as well as for creating deep and narrow trenches.