How Is Hydro Excavation Used in Landscaping?

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Hydro excavation is an efficient, modern digging technology that has many uses. While the method of breaking down soil with the power of pressurized water and extracting the resulting debris with the help of powerful vacuum is most commonly used for daylighting, potholing and excavating larger holes, such as the holes for building foundations on construction sites, the technology can be efficiently used for landscaping purposes as well – here is how:

  • Removing soil fast – some large landscaping projects require the precise removal of the top layer of soil in a particular area. Hydrovac can ensure that the vacuum excavation services Denver area process is safe and efficient and that the digging is performed without disturbing the surrounding area and without digging into unknown utilities hidden underground;
  • Precise digging – some landscaping projects require very accurate digging and the excavation of very narrow holes and trenches. The digging method that uses hydrovac machines is the best for this kind of digging: the pressurized water can be directed accurately and the water applied moves the soil in a way that is gently and efficiently. The vacuum delivered by the hydrovac machine works simultaneously to extract the debris generated by the water, ensuring that the job site is left clean and ready for the next phase of the landscaping project.