How Important Is It to Inspect the Land Before Using Hydrovac?
Things to Consider Hydrodig Excavation Potholing Services

Performing a thorough land inspection using all of the available information and tools is very important before excavation, no matter what method is chosen. Hydro excavation is the most efficient and fastest excavation method. It also has the gentlest process, making this option safe to use on land that has been subjected to inspection where it is suspected that there might be underground utilities buried that have not yet been revealed. In other words, hydro excavation can be used as a very efficient and safe supplementary method to ensure the safety of construction sites.

Construction projects are started on plots of land that are accurately charted and that have all the utility lines and pipes mapped and marked on the surface, as well as on land that has been out of use for decades, and where the specialist suspects that there might be utility lines under the surface.

Hydro excavation from can be efficiently used for potholing. This is the process of revealing underground utilities. It is therefore the safest method to use on land that is not properly mapped. The method will also ensure that no plants, such as valuable old trees, are harmed in the construction area.