How Hydrovac Is Changing the Construction Industry

Construction Utility Digging Hydrovac 2020The construction industry is notorious for adopting new technologies slowly, but hydrovac, the method that uses the power of pressurized water and vacuum with equipment mounted on special trucks is not only among the most modern, but also one of the most sought for technologies in digging. The technology is quickly changing the way excavation is done – here are some details:

  • Less labor force needed – hydrovac machines are very powerful and they can replace dozens of laborers on construction sites;
  • Shorter time needed for completion – hydro excavators are also very efficient and they take only hours to perform digging that would take conventional excavators and manual laborers days or weeks. This means that hydrovac can significantly reduce the duration of construction projects such as utility digging;
  • Safer and more precise digging – hydrovac machines can be used for safely revealing hidden underground utilities as well as for digging thin and deep trenches that need precision;
  • Safe for the environment – hydrovac machines work by applying pulverized water onto the ground to move the soil and they also extract the slurry generated during the process to deposit it in large tanks. The tanks are then transported and emptied in designated areas safely, leaving the construction site clean and ready for the next project phase.