How Hydrovac Helps Contractors Save Time

Time Saver Water Excavation Hydrovac

Hydrovac is among the most modern water excavation technologies and a method that saves lots of money and time for contractors. Here are the features of the technology that make considerable time savings possible:

  • Suitable for work in any weather – construction is a weather-sensitive industry, especially when it comes to processes that involve excavation and daylighting work. Hydrovac machines are special in many ways, one of their best features being efficiency in any weather and the ability to work even on frozen soil;
  • Incredible efficiency – hydrovac uses pressurized water and vacuum, two powerful elements that make the method much more efficient and much faster than any other excavation method that requires lots of manpower;
  • No time wasted with debris removal – hydrovac machines break down the soil with pulverized water and simultaneously extract the generated slurry with the help of powerful vacuum, through large diameter ducts. When the excavation process is complete, the job site is completely clean, there will be no debris to remove manually or with other machines and this aspect also contributes to the time savings provided by hydro excavation. The process being much less disruptive than more conventional methods, the restoration of the surrounding areas, such as the roads, is also faster and easier.