How Hydro Excavation Is Less Disruptive To Utility Services

Safe Excavation Services

The most common hazard associated with locating and/ or installing underground utilities is the potential damage associated with the excavation process.  Underground utilities represent electrical, phone and cable lines, as well as water and gas pipes. If they get damaged, workers may also be exposed to hazards, such as contact with high voltage lines, engulfment etc. that may lead to injuries and even death, in extreme situations.

Hydro excavation is a modern technology that allows moving or removing soil using high pressure water.  A hydro excavator is also equipped with a vacuum that transfers the excess soil to a storage tank, so that the work area remains clean and accessible.

This technology is used primarily for locating safely underground utilities. Excavating without damaging these utilities used to be a real challenge, but now risks has been lessened significantly.

Hydro excavation is used for line, sign and pole installation, but also for daylighting and potholing, in the case of existing utilities, as well as for pipe and sewer rehabilitation.

The reduced risks of damage or punctures in the pipes and other utilities eliminate costly repairs.  This technology is also less disruptive to traffic in the excavation area.  For hydro excavation services, see more at