How Hydro Excavation Is Changing the Petroleum Industry

Hydro Excavation For Fracking Sites

Safe and precise digging methods that are gentle and efficient at the same time are essential in many industry segments, but perhaps none of those industries needs these features as much as the petroleum industry. Hydrovac services are extensively used in the petroleum industry not only for daylighting and for digging out holes for new pipelines, but for pipeline maintenance as well, for processes that require the highest level of safety and efficiency and don’t allow for using heat, flames and technologies that generate vibrations. In the petroleum industry, hydro excavation is also used in compressor stations, refineries and it also provides an energy-efficient digging method that reduces the environmental footprint of the industrial process that requires the digging as well as of the production process as a whole.

Hydro excavation is becoming increasingly widespread – since the first hydro excavators were assembled in the 19th century and used for mining purposes, the technology has come a long way, it has become much more efficient and sophisticated and it is being continuously refined. As a result, hydro excavation is quickly becoming the standard excavation method used in sensitive industry segments, preferred by industry players for the increased safety and efficiency it offers.  Look to for some of the best hydro services.