How Hydro Excavation Helps Minimize Property Disturbances

Daylighting Safety FirstHydro-excavation and daylighting services are one of the greatest modern construction technologies that have been developed not only for improving the efficiency and the speed of the excavation process, but also for making it safer and to minimize the disruption. Here is how hydrovac will streamline your excavation task:

  • Safe excavation even in poorly mapped areas – hydrovac is safe to use on land where there might be hidden underground utility lines, such as gas pipes or electrical lines. If you need to excavate, but you are worried that your excavator might bump into such hidden utilities, you can rely on hydrovac – the process does not involve digging in the traditional sense of the word, the excavation is done with water pulverized at high pressure, so you can be sure that whatever utilities are buried in your soil, the excavation will not hurt them;
  • Safe for the landscape – the hydrovac process does not hurt tree roots, so it keeps the disturbance caused to your landscape to the minimum as well;
  • A fast process – hydrovac machines are powerful and they take only a day to do the excavation work that would take a week with other methods, so hydro-excavation also minimizes property disturbances by being very quick;
  • No debris left behind – hydro-excavators not only break down the soil, they also extract the slurry resulting from the digging, so when the excavation is complete, all you have on the site is the hole that you need.