How Does Hydro Excavation Minimize Ground Disturbance?

Minimize ground disturbance hydro excavation company


Hydro excavation is the excavation method chosen for many construction projects not only because it is a very efficient way to remove the soil and a technique that also offers a high level of precision – hydrovac is also preferred for its capacity to be effective while also minimizing ground disturbance. Here is how:

  • Combining the power of water and vacuum to dig in a non-invasive way – unlike conventional excavators, hydrovac does not use excavator buckets to break down and to remove soil. Hydrovac machines use pressurized water to break down the soil and to transform it into slurry, then the slurry is extracted with the help of vacuum and deposited in a special tank;
  • Safety for underground utilities – the gentle, but very efficient combination of water and vacuum makes hydrovac safe to use even in areas where no other methods can be safely used because of the underground utilities that a conventional excavator would surely dig into;
  • Safe for the vegetation – hydrovac is suitable for digging around trees and other vegetation with large roots. The pressurized water will not hurt the roots, moving only the desired amount of soil. The method is suitable not only for digging trenches, but for other landscaping purposes, such as removing the soil to a particular depth over a particular area.  Find the best in hydro excavation at