How Do Excavating Services Using Water Actually Benefit You?
Hydrodig excavating services

The excavation services that use the power of pressurized water are called hydrovac or hydro excavation services and they are currently considered to be the most efficient excavation methods. The process uses a specialized truck equipped with a unit that pulverizes the water in the machine’s tank onto the soil. The pressurized water then moves the soil, breaking it down and turning it to slurry that is extracted with the help of vacuum that is also generated by the machine. The material extracted from the excavated hole is deposited in a separate tank that is usually transported to a recycling center where the water is separated from the dry material.

Hydro excavation has numerous features and benefits that can be useful on your site as well. The method is suitable not only for digging out large holes, such as the holes needed for building foundations, but also for excavating small holes and narrow trenches as well for daylighting and potholing purposes. Hydro excavation does not use any mechanical digging, a quality that makes the process suitable for digging efficiently and safely around tree roots and hidden underground utilities, one of the most important features offered by the technology being safety. Get the help you need from