How Deep Can a Hydrovac Truck Typically Excavate?
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Hydrovac trucks are high-capacity, modern machines that are capable of moving large quantities of earth as well as of creating deep and narrow trenches with the highest level of precision for daylighting services Denver area. The technology is suitable for digging performed without requiring the machine to stand right next to the digging site – hydrovac trucks work with very long arms and hoses that allow them to perform the required digging work from a distance without losing efficiency or precision. Wherever they are parked within the perimeter, hydrovac trucks are able to dig holes and trenches down to the depth of 70 feet in just a couple of hours.

What gives hydrovac trucks their power and effectiveness is the ingenious combination of pressurized water and vacuum. Hydrovac trucks pulverize water at high pressure onto the soil in the excavation area. The pressurized water breaks the soil and transforms it into slurry that is extracted simultaneously and transferred to a special tank through a hose, leaving the excavation site clean. When the excavation process is complete, the slurry is removed from the sight and it is either handed over to a specialized company for cleaning and recycling or transported to a suitable dumpsite, authorized to handle the type of waste.