How Can You Really Decide Between Air and Hydro Excavation?

Water Excavation Vs AirAccording to some, air and hydro excavation are equally good when it comes to drilling holes and digging trenches that will be used as part of a future  construction project. However, many water excavation experts actually affirm that hydro excavation is superior, for a number of reasons.


First of all, hydro excavation involves a greater amount of pressure and weight that can break through harder surfaces. As a result, it is typically better when dealing with hardened or cold surfaces that require a more “full force” approach.


Hydro excavation is also cleaner and more efficient. Many consider it to be faster, and the risk of damaging certain utility lines is also lower due to the less explosive interaction between high pressure water and your soil. This also means that fragile tree roots will be better protected when you use a hydro excavation method, as opposed to air excavation.


Although the question of whether hydro excavation is actually a better process than air excavation, this issue is far from being resolved, and the fact remains that in some particular cases, air excavation is actually preferred. To determine whether your construction needs will entail hydro or air excavation, consider calling your local excavation professionals and asking them to evaluate your property to give you a final answer.