How Can Potholing Help Accelerate Your Construction Project and Keep You on Schedule?

How Hydrovac Services Potholing Helps Construction Sites

Potholing is considered one of the most efficient methods to obtain visual confirmation that there are no utility lines or pipes obstructing the path that a company or individual performing an excavation might take. Before digging, you are required to call your local utility service by using the 811 telephone number. The Dallas hydrovac services experts can then perform potholing using either a vacuum or a hydrovac excavation service.


The potholing procedure is fairly simple and it involves the vacuum suction part of the air or water excavation process. The idea is to create a vacuum powerful enough to pull any surrounding soil or rocks away from existing underground utility pipes and cables, in order to obtain visual confirmation that they’re there or not. A certain amount of digging will be required first, once the utility experts discover the rough location where a utility cable or pipe should be.


Once they do, the hydro excavation or vacuum excavation equipment will be used to tear a hole in the ground in that location, provided that the property owner would need to dig there. The hole can then be used for potholing, and once the process is completed, the utility experts will decide whether or not to give the property owner the green light to continue with their project.