How a Single Hydrovac Truck Can Handle a Large Excavation Job
Hydrodig Hydrovac Truck Working
Hydrodig Hydrovac Truck Working
Hydrovac Truck Hydrodig

Although regular excavators need a lot of time to clear debris or to dig through hardened soil, a good quality hydrovac truck manned properly can cut that time down to size. Because of that, hydro excavation is a method that can go a long way towards completing larger projects in a shorter time span.

If you’re short on time, you basically have two options at your disposal: continue with regular excavation methods and risk falling behind schedule and possibly losing a lot of money in the process, or choose to hire a hydrovac service, and get the job done faster and with a lot less effort.

Moreover, with a Denver hydrovac truck at your disposal, you can safely dig around water mains, gas pipes and other utilities without worrying that the high pressure water will damage them. Even when utility lines are rusty and in bad condition, hydrovac services can use high precision potholing to determine their exact location, so that they will not be damaged during the excavation work.

All in all, you’ll find that a good hydrovac truck will save you a lot of time and energy. Even if you rented a couple of excavators, you might still have trouble making time as well as a hydrovac expert could with only one hydrovac truck at their disposal.