How a Hydrovac Truck Can Help You Avoid Damage
Hydrodig working in business district

While you read this, a buried utility line is damaged somewhere, during an excavation project that uses traditional digging means. Yes, it happens almost every minute, as there are about 20 million miles of underground utilities stretching across the United States. These are the lines that keep neighborhoods and even entire communities powered and connected: gas, electricity, water pipes, sewer system etc.

Excavation with traditional equipment (shovels, backhoes) always represent a risk to these utilities, and there are two ways to prevent damage and accidents: calling 811 before starting your excavation project, so that specialists come on site and mark those utilities for you, or using a hydrovac truck Denver area.

These industrial machines equipped with pressurized water technology to break the soil safely, as well as with air vacuum that sucks up the debris into a tank, are becoming more and more popular on construction site, being significantly less risky than traditional excavation methods. They are easy to operate, require much less manpower (two well-trained technician will do the job!) and much safer for the underground utilities and for the working site in general, keeping it clean, free of debris, and eliminating the need for the presence of other bulky and heavy machinery.