Does Hyrdovac Affect Wildlife?

WildlifeHydrovac is the most modern technology used for excavation and utility digging projects, an efficient and non-invasive method that ensures the safety of any construction site by safely revealing hidden utility lines and pipes and by improving productivity. Hydrovac excavation uses the power of pressurized water to break down the soil and the power of vacuum to extract the generated slurry and to deposit the waste material in special containers, which also means that the process leaves behind no waste.

Like any technology that uses high capacity machines, hydrovac processes also need to comply with very strict safety and environment protection regulations that have been developed to make sure that using hydrovac on a construction site does not affect wildlife in the slightest. The slurry extracted is carefully deposited in special tanks; if it becomes mixed with some sort of contaminants, the waste is hauled to a special waste collection site and there are regulations that determine the distance between the excavation site and trees to protect not only animals, but plants as well. The only concern related to hydrovac excavation is the noise generated by the hydrovac equipment, but in most cases, the powerful machines take only very short to do the work that other types of machines would take days to complete, so there is only very short disruption involved.