Do Your Trees Need to Be Cut Down for Hydro Excavation?

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Hydrovac excavation is not only one of the most efficient methods available today for digging holes into the ground – it is also the most gentle method that allows you to keep your beloved old and young trees as well as your shrubs and bushes intact and unharmed during the digging process, and it’s good to note for utility digging purposes as well.

Conventional construction and landscaping projects use the method of digging exploratory holes into the ground for revealing any hidden utilities and they also use large, metallic excavators to move soil. Hydro excavation, on the other hand, uses pressurized water to move the soil in the targeted area, pulverizing the water in a way that enables the liquid to fracture soil without harming tree roots. The hydrovac process also involves the usage of large-diameter pipes that extract the generated slurry right away and deposits the debris in large containers, leaving the excavation site clean and the tree roots safe.

Hydro excavation also has a feature that is not merely safe, but beneficial for trees: the method allows for digging very precise holes, therefore the technology can be used for safely pruning or severing tree roots in order to make the tree’s remaining root ball healthier and to promote the growth of new roots.