Do Winter Months Impact Hydro-Excavation?

Hydro-excavation is a very efficient technique that uses water and vacuum to cut through soil. But how efficient it is in the harsh environment of the winter, when the soil is frozen and sometimes covered with snow and ice? Regular excavators cannot be used in such weather conditions and excavation projects typically must wait for warmer days.

Hydro-vac trucks, on the other hand, are equipped to be used even during winter months. The water is heated with high powered coil heaters, so it can penetrate ground frost and cut even through deeply frozen ground. Obviously, snow is not an issue either, as long as you have a winter-ready hydro-vac truck. It will excavate the earth even in freezing weather and make the tranches and holes you need in no time.  The Dallas hydrovac services can cut through the frozen ground when needed.

To winterize your vacuum truck, you must do your best to prevent the hydraulics from slowing down.  Make sure to add antifreeze, so that the system will not get out of commission. If the truck is going to be used in a particularly cold environment, the engine block heater must be plugged in, to keep the engine warm and make it start faster. Also check the air pressure of the tires and get heated valves.